Glycol Dehydration & Hydrate Prediction/ Inhibition

Model dehydration and hydrate suppression with confidence using the leading resource in the industry. Accurately simulate almost any dehydration flow scheme, and precisely calculate the amount of methanol or glycol required to get the freeze temperatures you need.

Sulfur Recovery

With ProMax’s complete suite of reactor models, you can easily set up an accurate model of sulfur recovery unit operations. You are able to model real world behavior using a theoretical approach with empirical modifications based on decades of experience with these systems.

Acid Gas Removal

For over 40 years, BR&E has been known as the industry leader for simulating acid gas removal systems. ProMax continues this legacy and is the most versatile and complete package available for a variety of acid gas removal systems, all of which can be directly integrated with your other hydrocarbon processing systems in one simulation file!

Sour Water Stripping

Bryan Research & Engineering's custom electrolytic property package allows you to rigorously model any sour water stripper configuration, not only for NH3 and H2S, but for trace contaminants as well such as HCN and phenols. The robust electrolytic model easily accounts for pH and the addition of acids or bases to enhance stripping.