Data Exchange

Fully Automate ProMax

Read and Write with Almost Any Database

Display Realtime ProMax Results in Control Room

Automatically Update ProMax to Latest Data from the Plant

Continuous Modeling 24/7

Ideal for Regularly Calculating:

  • Oil RVP
  • Air Emissions
  • Gas-Oil Ratio
  • Hydrocarbon Allocation (Accounting)
  • Amine Rich Loading, Lean Loading, Approaches
  • Corrosion Indicators
  • Column Flooding
  • Catalyst Activation
  • Heat Exchanger Fouling
  • Sulfur Plant Fluxes and Dew Points
  • Hydrates and Methanol Rates
  • ‚ĶAny Other Property that Cannot be Easily Measured

A Simple Right-Click to Connect Any Property to a Database

ProMax Data Exchange Export

Easy to Search and Find Variables

ProMax Data Exchange PI

Easily Control How Often Model Runs

ProMax Data Exchange Schedule