Data Exchange

The ProMax Data Exchange feature allows for fast, simple communication between ProMax® and a variety of external sources and databases.

  • Fully Automate ProMax
  • Read and Write with Almost Any Database
  • Display Realtime ProMax Results in Control Room
  • Automatically Update ProMax to Latest Data from the Plant
  • Continuous Modeling 24/7

Ideal for Regularly Calculating:

  • Oil RVP
  • Air Emissions
  • Gas-Oil Ratio
  • Hydrocarbon Allocation (Accounting)
  • Amine Rich Loading, Lean Loading, Approaches
  • Corrosion Indicators
  • Column Flooding
  • Catalyst Activation
  • Heat Exchanger Fouling
  • Sulfur Plant Fluxes and Dew Points
  • Hydrates and Methanol Rates
  • …Any Other Property that Cannot be Easily Measured

A Simple Right-Click to Connect Any Property to a Database

ProMax Data Exchange Export

Easy to Search and Find Variables

ProMax Data Exchange PI

Easily Control How Often Model Runs

ProMax Data Exchange Schedule