Hydrocarbon Recovery and Fractionation

ProMax is a comprehensive simulation resource capable of modeling an entire processing facility and associated support systems in a single simulations. Model virtually and NGL, LNG, LPG recovery or fractionation process, including nitrogen rejection units (NRU) and Helium recovery.

Model an Entire Processing Facility

ProMax® NGL Fractionation Train
  • NGL and LPG fractionation trains
  • Turboexpander plants
  • GSP and RSV plants
  • LNG
  • JT plants
  • Nitrogen rejection units
  • Helium recovery units
  • Dew point control plants
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Pipeline and Gathering systems
  • Plant utility systems
  • Perform parametric studies and economic analyses
  • Model chimney trays and complete draws for accurate exchanger performance estimation using ProMax‚Äôs in-line rating feature
  • Maximize desired products and process economics
  • Rate and size brazed aluminum multi-sided exchangers and predict performance within the actual simulation.
  • Include performance curves for rotating equipment to accurately reflect as-built system performance.
  • Check for solids formation automatically
  • Optimize operating parameters for different sets of inlet conditions or product economics
ProMax® Turboexpander Plant