ProMax® 6.0 is Now Available!

Together we can build a more sustainable future and help you reach your energy transition goals.

ProMax is a multifaceted process simulation software package that is made by engineers for engineers. It is designed to optimize gas processing, refining, and chemical facilities. With the newest version we have emphasized sustainable technologies such as green hydrogen, renewable natural gas, renewable diesel, and carbon-capture.  The new Data Exchange feature allows read/write access to your historian to monitor your plant operations and calculate valuable performance information. Our goal is to support our clients in reducing emissions to help build a more sustainable future that will equip future generations to succeed.

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Technical Support

Bryan Research & Engineering has a passion for service excellence, and it starts with you.

We are engineers working for engineers. Our technical support team is readily available to assist our clients with their use of our software to enhance their company’s success. Have an issue with the software, troubleshooting, or need help designing a plant? Contact our support team for a timely and accurate solution!

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