Environmental Solutions

ProMax is well known for its ability to accurately predict BTEX and VOC absorption and emissions from oil and gas facilities. ProMax comes with a variety of tools to facilitate reporting emissions of these compounds as well as HAPs, Greenhouse Gases, and Global Warming Potential. These tools work seamlessly with your ProMax models to combine process simulation and environmental reporting in one software package. Microsoft Excel® connectivity facilitates automation and customizable reporting. See our training section for information on a free specialized course in Air Emissions.

ProMax is used by several regulatory agencies around the United States to help protect natural resources and promote public health. Contact us today to see if your state’s agency uses our software for their environmental needs!

Well-site and tank emissions

ProMax can estimate working, breathing and loading losses using AP 42 methods. In addition, accurate flash emission calculations for oil and gas facilities has long been a strength of ProMax.

ProMax® Environmental Solutions Well Site

Process emissions

As a full-fledged process simulator, ProMax allows you to study how process changes affect emission rates and to estimate emissions from current operating profiles. Shown here is a typical use of ProMax to estimate emissions from a glycol dehydration unit vent stream.

ProMax® Process emissions

Flares and thermal oxidizers

ProMax can estimate emission reductions from flares, thermal oxidizers and provide data for accurate flare sizing.

ProMax® Environmental Solutions Amine Stripper Flare