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ProMax is well-known for its ability to accurately predict hydrocarbon absorption and emissions from oil and gas facilities. ProMax comes with a variety of tools to facilitate reporting emissions, combining process simulation and environmental reporting in a single software package. Microsoft Excel® connectivity facilitates automation and customizable reporting. See our training section for information on a free specialized course in Air Emissions.

ProMax is used by several regulatory agencies around the United States to help protect natural resources and promote public health. Contact us today to see if your state’s agency uses our software for their environmental needs!

Estimate Emissions

Estimate emissions for Air Permitting, Emissions Inventory, and more:

  • Potential to Emit (PTE) and Routine Losses
  • Process Emissions
  • Flashing Losses
  • Updated AP 42 Tank Emissions for Fixed and Floating Roof Tanks
    • Working Losses
    • Standing (Breathing) Losses
    • Rim Seal, Deck Fitting, and Deck Seam Losses
    • Loading Losses
  • TCEQ Short Term Emissions Calculations
  • 40 CFR 63 Subpart HH Glycol Dehydration Emissions (see the alternative method approval letter from EPA here)
  • OOOOa Vent Line Header Assessment
  • Generate Emission Factors
  • Validate Sample Compositions
  • Quantify Emissions from Pipe Leaks


Speciate emissions and report components by contaminant type, including:

  • Volatile Organic Components (VOCs)
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)
  • Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
  • Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes (BTEX)
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP)
Environmental Solutions Well Site

Process Versatility

Most emission tools can be used with any configuration of a facility modeled in ProMax, allowing you to study how process changes affect emission rates. Some common processes include:

  • Well Sites and Production Facilities
  • Compressor Stations
  • Tank Batteries
  • Glycol Dehydration (TEG, EG, with or without Methanol in the feed)
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Amine Sweetening Units
  • Sulfur Recovery Units
  • Refineries
  • Flares and Thermal Oxidizers

Reports and Automation

  • Create custom reports in Excel to display exactly the information you want, where you want it.
  • Use Scenario Tool® to automate emission estimates for multiple sites.
    • Pair with custom reports to automatically generate a report in Excel for each site!
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