ProMax® OOOOa Vent Assessment Tool™

Part of operating production facilities in an environmentally responsible manner is ensuring that closed vent systems are properly sized. With undersized systems unable to move flash gases to the control device, operators risk over pressuring tanks and uncontrolled emissions from thief hatches and safety valves.

BR&E has developed the OOOOa Vent Assessment Tool to help operators address these concerns quickly and easily. This tool can be used to size new vent systems or to certify existing systems as required under 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOOa.

ProMax OOOOa Tool
  • Link Directly to Production Facility Model in ProMax
  • Estimate Peak Instantaneous Flow from Simulation, Control Valves, or direct User Input
  • Use a variety of low-pressure flow correlations including Colebrook, Oliphant, and Spitzglass.
  • Insert actual facility piping dimensions and numbers of fittings
  • Include Control Device dP and Elevation Changes
  • Calculate Back Pressure on Tanks from Peak Instantaneous Flow
  • Check Back Pressure against Set Pressures for Relief Devices