ProMax® Optimization Tool™

New to ProMax 6.0, the Optimization Tool couples ProMax’s predictive power with advanced optimization algorithms. This feature automates the process of finding not just a solution but the best solution to any ProMax model. With the Optimization Tool, our users can formulate and solve optimization problems in ProMax or Excel. This empowers our customers to perfect their process designs or maximize the profitability of existing assets with a simple and flexible user interface. With a practically unlimited number of variables and constraints available, the Optimization Tool allows the user to:

  • Maximize return on investment
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Maximize process throughput
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Preserve operating limits while exploring possible setpoints

General Purpose Optimization

Harness the Optimization Tool’s powerful algorithms in both ProMax and Excel objects. Create constraints based on these objects to model process and/or equipment limitations.

ProMax Optimization NGL

Visualize Your Progress with Plots

ProMax Optimization Graph

Easily check the status of your Optimization Tool run with robust plotting capabilities. Visualize changes in:

  • Objective Function
  • Stopping Criteria
  • Variables
  • Constraints
ProMax Optimization Tool

Continuously Optimize with Data Exchange

Linking the Optimization Tool with Data Exchange allows you to perform online steady-state optimization on your process. Online optimization enables operators to see how changing conditions and disturbances affect unit performance and profitability. ProMax’s suite of detailed equipment analyses can be tied directly to constraints in the Optimization Tool. This ensures that the resulting optimum is a setpoint where you can operate.