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BRE 600: Webinar – Column Updates

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12/20/2022 - 12/20/2022Online - -

This webinar covers the new features in the ProMax Distillation Column block. Columns have always been a core simulated process for ProMax and we strive to continually improve the accuracy, flexibility and user experience. The major new features of the column will be demonstrated, including new input and configuration options, workflow improvements, and expanded column information. Access to ProMax is not needed for this webinar, which will take approximately 1.0 hour. The webinar is hosted over WebEx, and information on how to connect to the session will be provided after registration. For more information about a particular BRE 600: Webinar course please Contact Training.


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  • Column driving force and approach to equilibrium
  • Expanded tray connectivity
  • Column maximum and minimum property reporting
  • Liquid-liquid column hydraulics
  • Column mass and pressure vessel calculation
  • New packings
  • New hydraulic and mass transfer options
  • Expanded plotting options