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BRE 500: Special Topic – ProMax Exercise: Simple Gas Plant

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5/28/2020 - 5/28/2020Online - - Europe

Instructor-led demonstration is followed by hands-on exercises. ProMax will be used in this session, which will take 3.5 hours. The webinar is hosted over WebEx, and information on how to connect to the session will be provided after registration. For more information about a particular BRE 500: Webinar course please Contact Training.


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This exercise is intended for first time ProMax users and provides attendees with a solid foundation for future simulation work in ProMax. Attendees will simulate a dew point control plant 'from scratch'. Special emphasis is given to drawing and modifying blocks, streams, and stream connections. Additionally, attendees learn to create an environment, make specifications in streams and blocks, and use a number of stream analyses. Blocks covered in this exercise include: heat exchangers, compressors, separators, simple distillation columns, and process stream recycles. Analyses covered include: phase diagram analysis (including phase diagram generation and finding critical conditions for a stream), vapor pressure analysis (including finding the RVP and TVP of a liquid stream), and line sizing analysis.