Training Course Agendas

All of our training courses are provided at no charge.

These course agendas are a representation of the course material presented for the specific classes. All material is subject to change depending on the specific needs of the clients at each course.

BRE 600: Webinar – Use of a Reactor Block for Ammonia Synthesis

Hosted by Samantha Moore

Upcoming Sessions

3/3/2020 - 3/3/2020 - - North America

This course covers how to use ProMax’s reactor block to properly set up a kinetic based reaction. We will discuss the needed inputs and process conditions for ammonia synthesis. The webinar is hosted over WebEx around lunchtime, and information on how to connect to the session will be provided after registration. For more information about a particular BRE 600: Webinar course please Contact Training.


  • None


  • Introduction to ProMax
  • Discussion of setup and inputs
  • Interpreting results
  • Questions