User Value Sets and Short Monikers

Jeff Melland

Feb 6, 2008

Recovery values are very useful to see on a process flowsheet. However, sometimes you may want to display these values with a custom name. Let us say you want to see the elemental sulfur recovery for a Claus unit. There is a simple way to display this value as described in another blog entry. A custom name can be assigned by defining a user defined value. After you create your recovery object on an atomic basis, right-click on the “User Value Sets” from the Project Viewer tree control, select “Add” to create a new group, and then select “Add…” again at the bottom left to define a specific value. For this case choose “Fraction” for the standard units, select the “Associate with a New Specifier” box, and type a name for the value. Next, choose the variable that represents the desired recovery value through ProMax’s specifier technology. This will make your user value have the same value as that calculated in the recovery table. Lastly, go to the moniker builder, the button with the “a!b” symbol. Select the user value you just specified, and come up with a descriptive moniker (i.e. Sulfur_Recovery); this is what will be displayed on the flowsheet.

When open your property table now, you can select “moniker” and then “short moniker” in the view selection at the bottom, you can now select your recovery value with a short descriptive label for your flowsheet.

Authored by Jeff Melland (BR&E Technical Support)