UA Wizard

Jovita Duran

January 29, 2008

Have you ever needed to add a solver to your simulation that could calculate exchanger temperature change to achieve an Approach Temperature or End Point UA? The ProMax Property Stencil Add-in offers what is known as a UA Wizard that will achieve the same results as a solver. Unlike a solver, UA Wizard does not require you to build a calculator. Once you attach the UA Wizard to a valid integrated exchanger and double-click on it to open its dialog, it allows you to select the target property, target value/units, and control property. The UA Wizard can have Log Mean Temperature Difference, Minimum End Approach Temperature, Effective UA, End Point UA, Effective Mean Temperature Difference, or Minimum Effective Approach Temperature as the target property. A control property could be Exchanger Duty, Temperature Change (of highest mass flow stream), or Outlet Temperature (of highest mass flow stream). The Property Stencil containing the UA Wizard Add-in installs with ProMax 2.0 under the Program File directory and can be added to any ProMax project.

Authored by Jovita Duran (BR&E Technical Support)