Technical Support is our best feature and biggest benefit

William "Trey" Brown, III

October 3, 2006

In today’s high speed world, the typical Process Engineer does not have the opportunity to work with his process simulation tools on a daily basis. Because of this, it is often difficult for the engineer to remain up to date and proficient in the use of this most important tool. The people at Bryan Research and Engineering (BR&E) recognize this fact and have a dedicated staff ready to help our customers overcome these difficulties. The Customer Service and Support Staff of BR&E don’t limit their support to finding a “work around” that only addresses the immediate need. They work one-on-one with each customer to determine the root problem and the best way to resolve the issue at hand. And when you talk to someone at BR&E, you have the ability to talk to the same person every time you call in. This personal relationship benefits both the customer and BR&E.

In addition, BR&E works with their customers to model existing facilities and helps them set up predictive simulations that will adjust plant operation for changing conditions. BR&E’s knowledge and capabilities in the various areas of oil, gas and petrochemicals allows them to work with their clients to determine what the actual needs and requirements are. By taking the time to work with each customer as an individual, BR&E is able to deliver customer service and support that is unsurpassed anywhere else in the simulation software marketplace.

Authored by William "Trey" Brown, III - BR&E Sales Department