BR&E to Present 2008 GPA Convention in Grapevine

Gavin McIntyre

January 31, 2008

BR&E will be participating in three papers and presenting two next month at the 87th Annual GPA Convention in Grapevine Texas. One is titled “Industrial Design and Optimization of CO2 Capture, Dehydration, and Compression Facilities” and written in partnership with HTC Purenergy of Regina, SK, Canada. The main design and engineering factors affecting the CO2 capture, dehydration, and compression processes have been highlighted in this paper. The study provides a feasible engineering design and acceptable production cost taking into consideration all the technical, economic, and plant location factors. In you are unable to attend GPA and would like a copy of the paper, please submit your request to the BR&E Sales Team to receive an electronic version. A download version will be available shortly after the convention.

Authored by Gavin McIntyre (BR&E Sales)