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Navigate and access all elements of your project via the ProMax Project Viewer. Specifications and results for streams and unit operations can be accessed by double-clicking the item in the flowsheet or by using the navigation tree in the Project Viewer.

The Project Viewer tree lists flowsheets, streams, blocks, environments, oils and calculators.

About the Project Viewer

  • The Project Viewer acts as a browser for ProMax and is used to access specifications and results.
  • The majority of the ProMax project information is accessed through the Project Viewer. Block and stream parameters are specified through the Project Viewer.
  • The Project Viewer includes a detailed tree list of all Flowsheets, Blocks, Streams, Environments, Oils, and Calculators contained in the project and provides the user easy access to manage these items through a navigation tree displayed on the left side of the Project Viewer.
  • The Project Viewer may be accessed by double-clicking on any stream or block from the flowsheet view or through the ProMax drop down menu or toolbar .
  • View results during execution.
  • Navigate quickly through complex projects.

Navigation Tree in the Project Viewer

  • A Navigation Tree for all Flowsheets, Environments, Oils, and Calculators created within the project may be found on the left side of the Project Viewer.
  • The Navigation Tree allows the user to conveniently access and view all aspects of the project.
  • The presence of a Calculator (Simple Solver or Simple Specifier) in a Process Stream is indicated by C on the blue arrow next to the Process Stream name. Expand the Flowsheet node and then the Process Streams node to view:
  • The letter 'A' on the blue arrow next to a Process Stream or Distillation Column indicates an Analysis is specified for the stream or column.
  • The letter 'X' on the blue arrow next to a Process Stream or block indicates that values are import from or exported to Excel.

Project Viewer Toolbar

The Toolbar at the top of the Project Viewer allows quick access to a number of ProMax commands:

  The Back and Forward buttons allow the user to return to block and stream dialogs recently opened in the Project Viewer.

  The Main Window button returns the user to the Flowsheet View, but does not close the Project Viewer.

  The Moniker Builder button opens the Moniker Builder dialog. Monikers are generally used in VBA and with Calculators. See Property Moniker for further information.

  The Solve button initiates execution. If the Project consists of more than one flowsheet, a list appears when the button is clicked. The user may choose to execute the entire Project or a selected flowsheet.

  The Abort Solve button halts execution of the flowsheet.

  The Options button opens the Project Options dialog.

  The Flowsheet button opens the Flowsheet Environment assignment dialog. If the Project consists of more than one flowsheet, a list appears when the button is clicked. The user may select a flowsheet from the list.

  The Environment button opens the Environment dialog. If multiple Environments are available, a list appears when the button is clicked allowing the user to select one of the currently defined Environments.

  The Oil button opens the dialog for a currently defined Oil in the Project Viewer. If no Oils are defined, this button is unavailable. If more than one Oil has been defined, the user may select from a list of currently defined Oils. See Defining Oils for Use in a Project for further details.

Units Flexibility

  • Most parameters accessible through the Project Viewer which have a numerical value also have a units cell.
  • ProMax provides the user with complete units flexibility provided the units are consistent with the parameter.
  • The units for any individual parameter may be changed at any time using the drop-down list to the right of the parameter value cell. The parameter value changes automatically based on the new units.
  • Instead of selecting units from the drop-down list, you may type in any units consistent with the property in the units cell, or you may type the value and units all in the value cell. This feature is particularly useful if the desired units are not available in the drop-down list. See Units Available in ProMax for further information.
  • Units may be specified globally for the project in the Project Options dialog general tab. Units Set choices are: Metric 1, Metric 2, MKH, SI, and US English. Additional custom unit sets may also be added to ProMax.