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ProMax® 3.2
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A Powerful Simulation Resource …


ProMax is a powerful and versatile process simulation software package that is used by engineers worldwide to design and optimize gas processing, refining and chemical facilities. Totally integrated with Microsoft Visio®, Excel® and Word, ProMax is a comprehensive tool that significantly extends the capabilities of its predecessors, TSWEET® and PROSIM®. A simple user interface, multiple flowsheet capabilities, over 50 thermodynamic packages, 2300 pure components, OLE automation and oil characterization are a few of the features that make ProMax the "must have" simulation resource.


Unparalleled Customer Service …


A ProMax license includes much more than just outstanding software with extensive online help. BR&E is committed to providing incomparable customer support in conjunction with our state-of-the-art software. We strive to meet this challenge by:

  • Offering free training sessions around the world.
  • Providing excellent customer support from a staff of knowledgeable and experienced engineers.
  • Setting up free initial plant models for operating companies.



Newest Tutorial

Our newest web tutorial covers the basics of utilizing Separator Blocks within ProMax. Separator block parameters, as well as some of the details for specification of 2 and 3-phase separators are discussed.

Newest Blog

Best-Case Scenario (ProMax Scenario Tool)  Posted 02.09.16
The ProMax Scenario Tool™ is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to run multiple cases automatically within ProMax. This tool can be used to report results for multiple existing cases at differing conditions or for sensitivity studies to help you understand how process upsets will affect process performance.   (Read more....)


Items of Interest

Questions and Answers

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03/01/15 -New paper released - "Optimization of the Habshan II Amine Sweetening Unit".(Read more...)


04/1/14- New paper, "Air Emissions Modeling Advances for Oil and Gas Production Facilities"(Read More...)



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ProMax


Technical Articles

Technical Articles

Links to articles authored by members of the technical staff on a multitude of process and simulation topics


Training Sessions

Training Sessions

Training session location and registration information as well as the tentative session agendas